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Asbestos Abatement

Georgia Licensed Firm and AHERA Accredited Inspectors 
The Abatement Process


  • Green Circle Environmental's first priority is providing a safe working environment for each abatement project. We value the complete safety of your employees and family throughout the abatement process.

  • Each project is set up and performed on a case by case basis contingent upon the asbestos identified and scheduled to be removed from the area.

  • Green Circle Environmental employs a number of skilled, state certified asbestos supervisors and workers.

  • Whenever applicable, jobs are performed in “capsule concept,” which keeps the project area in isolation under negative pressure, containing all asbestos materials to the project area.

  • Green Circle Environmental also offers air monitoring in and outside of the containment area for your peace of mind at an additional cost.


Will I Need to Leave the Building or My Home During the Abatement Process?


  • In most cases it is not required to leave the surrounding area during abatement.

  • Green Circle Environmental will seal off any affected areas in a negative pressure enclosure allowing us to do our work while allowing you to remain in the building. In some situations where asbestos is present in a large area, you may be required to leave during the abatement process.


Survey And Abatement Cost


  • Asbestos surveys start at $250 and include the extraction of up to 5 samples of potentially affected areas.

  • Samples are taken by one of Green Circle Environmental’s AHERA accredited building inspectors and hand delivered to the laboratory.

  • The laboratory is accredited under the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) for polarized light microscopy (PLM) analysis coupled with dispersion staining (EP Method 600/R93/116, July 1993).

  • PLM offers the most practical and cost effective method for identifying asbestos minerals.

  • The gross components in each sample are positively identified through the use of polarized light and dispersion staining.

  • The six asbestos mineral types:  chrysotile, amosite, crocidolite, anhophyllits, tremolite and actinolite, are separately identified based on their distinct optical properties.

  • Any material determined to contain asbestos minerals in estimated quantities greater than 1% is considered an asbestos containing material (ACM).

  • If your home, office, or building tests positive for absestos, Green Circle Environmental offers free estimates on any abatement project, even if another company conducted the origonal survey.




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